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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $40+ (Select at checkout)*


  • “I am an old athlete who works with many younger amateur and professional athletes. When I discovered Empower it was a blessing... Trainers and athletes I work with report similar experiences. Thank you, Empower for empowering this old athlete."


  • "I love your salts (...) The scent is light, but pleasant, and it adds to the relaxing experience. Also, I have really sensitive skin and it's rare that a bath product doesn't make me break out. This product works on my skin. I cannot recommend these products highly enough."


  • "After years of abuse on my body from competitive dancing (...).  I was recently handed a bottle of the Empower Topical Relief Lotion, and asked to try it. I rolled my eyes, but reluctantly agreed. I first noticed how much I loved the smell, but then it happened…. I was astounded – I have never had anything work that quickly. I was immediately sold. (...)  A month later, I feel like I can use less to get the same amazing reaction. I cannot recommend this product enough – you will not be disappointed."